We believe in a higher standard of leadership

Serving as a leader is a responsibility. The greater a leader’s authority, the greater the person he should strive to be. As the proverb says, “to whom much is given, much is required.”


We honor our core values

We believe in accountability, authenticity, courage, humility, integrity, meaning, service, and simplicity. Our aim is to demonstrate these values in interactions with our clients as well as our colleagues.


Excellence is our habit

Our clients tell us our work together is exceptional. You’ll find our team goes above and beyond to deliver on our promises to you. That’s because we are 110% committed to your success.


Our mission is clear

Our methods range from major keynotes to workshops to executive mentoring. But we have a singular focus–helping leaders like you around the world lead boldly, live fully, and build a legacy.


We have courage of candor

We value transparency. We address the unspoken conversation—the thing that no one has been brave enough to bring up. We will call you on your stuff. And we always speak the truth with compassion.


We’re here to change the world

No, really. We simply do not accept the status quo as the best that’s possible. The world is in the shape it’s in because the bad people are outdoing the good people. We intend to change that–one leader at a time.


We are a safe space

Our clients include well-known companies and successful leaders. They entrust us with highly sensitive information, and so can you. Trust is what makes our “work” work. Consider us your vault.


We’re not for everyone

Our ideal clients have already achieved a certain level of success. But they realize that there’s so much more. They’re ready to play a bigger game. If this sounds like you, you’re at the right place.


We’re having a blast

We find joy in all we do. Our zest for life and our work is evident. It’s also infectious. But don’t let the laughs and smiles fool you—we always give our absolute best effort and expect it from one another.


We will figure it out

No matter how daunting your challenges may seem, bring them to us. You’ll be astonished by our remarkable clarity and the inventive solutions we provide to meet your unique needs.

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But enough about us. We want to learn about you…

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