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When it comes to public speaking, Clifton has an unfair advantage–he’s been doing it for over 30 years. He gave his very first speech at the age of nine in front of over 500 other students.

Through years of practice and intense study, Clifton has developed an uncanny ability to connect with and inspire audiences everywhere. He has an empowering message that will penetrate to the core of your audience and create a dynamic shift.

Businesses, organizations, and meeting planners around the world routinely engage Clifton for keynote presentations and workshops. Among his most requested topics:

  • Business Mind, Leader’s Heart: Unlock this Essential Advantage in Your Organization
  • Shift Happens: Successfully Navigating Change and Ambiguity
  • Trust: It’s the New Currency
  • Impact and Influence: The Art of Getting Things Done

As a former senior executive of three multibillion-dollar companies, Clifton speaks from a place of personal experience not just academic theories.

Keynotes - Workshop in Los AngelesBecause he’s served as a Chief Financial Officer, Clifton knows the importance of getting a solid return on your investment. It’s with this mindset that he approaches speaking for your organization. He will equip your audience with tangible tools and techniques they can apply immediately, creating added value to your organization.

Clifton has been retained by such organizations as General Electric, Dell, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Amgen, Fiji Water, Eli Lilly, BP Amoco, First Solar, Broadcom, AmeriJet, and the City of Commerce, among others. He has advised more than three-dozen diverse industries in over 25 countries on four continents.

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